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Digital Media Strategy

We build winning digital media strategies which result in online and offline success.
How well does your brand translate off-line and on-line? What kind of impression are you making?

e-Buzz Edge understands that every business has different needs. Accordingly, in order to create a winning digital media strategy, a customized detailed approach is essential.

Our comprehensive team approach starts with an initial meeting so that we can better understand who you are, your values, your vision, your target market and your message. We will work together to create a digital mission statement aligned with your company’s vision. This is followed by competitor research and target market analysis. We’ll further evaluate your existing digital footprint, including your website, traffic drivers, e-marketing, video marketing and profiles across all social media platforms. In a follow-up meeting, we’ll give you honest feedback and recommendations for how you can best leverage social media for your business. We will create an integrated social media plan and show you how to become more efficient online and help you maximize results!

e-Buzz Edge understands that social networking and conversation is more than collecting followers and subscribers. By partnering with you and providing fresh creative ideas, e-Buzz Edge will help you to create, manage and expand your online presence and build a winning digital media strategy. The best news is that you continue to do what you are best at – while we do our part in bridging communication between you and your existing/potential clients.

e-Buzz Edge also offers Individual Coaching, Corporate Consulting and Small Group Training. Contact us now to find out more.

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About e-Buzz Edge

e-Buzz Edge is a digital public relations agency specializing in online branding, web development, digital and social media marketing, online identity management and reputation monitoring. e-Buzz Edge helps businesses connect with their customers, and build lasting loyal relationships. We incorporate effective, engaging and creative solutions that build stronger relationships with existing clients, and foster effective relationships with new ones.

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