listen. engage. inspire.
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    Bharet Malhotra, co-owner of Co Co. Sala

    "e-Buzz Edge has not only transformed how we feel about social media but it has transformed the way we do business. They have shown us the light in how social media, when done correctly, can enhance customer service and streamline business operations to the extent of directly increasing revenue and providing our customers with an experience which surpasses their expectations. READ MORE

  • listen. engage. inspire.

    The effectiveness of social media isn’t the tool, or technology, it’s the listening, interaction and conversation that is taking place with your existing and potential customers. It takes creativity in knowing how to market your brand and connect to your customer. The digital domain is not an advertising channel and it’s not a bull horn. It is a place more to listen, and then, to speak. It’s a place to begin conversations with your prospects and clients.

  • In today's digital world, interactive branding should be a top priority.

    Strong, consistent and creative branding can help you stand out from the crowd. e-Buzz Edge works with its clients in creating successful visual communication strategies.


Focused On Results

How many times have you gone to research a service provider just to find that they don’t have a website? Or you look at someone’s business card and notice a hotmail email address listed? Immediately, you start to question their professionalism. A few years ago, this may have been common practice. Nowadays, even as a freelancer, this is unheard of. Take this a step further. What about when you go to a brand's twitter page and notice the last tweet was dated six months prior? In this economy, immediately you begin to wonder if the company is still in business. Invest in developing and executing an affordable digital branding strategy that captivates and engages your audience and effectively portrays your vision. We can help grow your company through developing a brand strategy, executing interactive marketing, and designing your Web site and social network profiles. Whether you are looking to polish your existing website, looking to expand your outreach marketing, or seek to take your business to the next level, e-Buzz Edge will help you get there.

About e-Buzz Edge

e-Buzz Edge is a digital public relations agency specializing in online branding, web development, digital and social media marketing, online identity management and reputation monitoring. e-Buzz Edge helps businesses connect with their customers, and build lasting loyal relationships. We incorporate effective, engaging and creative solutions that build stronger relationships with existing clients, and foster effective relationships with new ones.

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